Monitors requests for resources that are rejected by the.

Monitors requests for resources that are rejected by the Resource manager. Information is valid only as long as the node is up and the counters reset to 0 upon node restart.

Column Name Data Type Description
NODE_NAME VARCHAR The node name for which information is listed.
POOL_ID INTEGER Catalog-assigned integer value that uniquely identifies theresource pool.
POOL_NAME VARCHAR Name of the resource pool.

Reason for rejecting this request, for example:

  • Usage of single request exceeds high limit

  • Timed out waiting for resource reservation

  • Canceled waiting for resource reservation


Memory, threads, file handles or execution slots.

The following list shows the resources that are limited by the resource manager. A query might need some amount of each resource, and if the amount needed is not available, the query is queued and could eventually time out of the queue and be rejected.

  • Number of running plans

  • Number of running plans on initiator node (local)

  • Number of requested threads

  • Number of requested file handles

  • Number of requested KB of memory

  • Number of requested KB of address space

REJECTION_COUNT INTEGER Number of requests rejected due to specified reason and RESOURCE_TYPE.
FIRST_REJECTED_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMPTZ Time of the first rejection for this pool.
LAST_REJECTED_TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMPTZ Time of the last rejection for this pool.
LAST_REJECTED_VALUE INTEGER Amount of the specific resource requested by the last rejection.


=> SELECT node_name, pool_name, reason, resource_type, rejection_count AS count, last_rejected_value AS value FROM resource_rejections;
    node_name     | pool_name |           reason            | resource_type | count |  value
 v_vmart_node0001 | sysquery  | Request exceeded high limit | Memory(KB)    |     1 | 8248449
(1 row)

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