Summarizes execution of individual queries.

Summarizes execution of individual queries. Columns STATEMENT_ID and TRANSACTION_ID combine as unique keys to these queries. One exception applies: a query with multiple plans has as many records.

Column Name Data Type Description
START_TIME END_TIME TIMESTAMP Demarcate the start and end of query execution, whether successful or not.
SESSION_ID VARCHAR Identifies the session where profiling information was captured. This identifier is unique within the cluster at any point in time, but can be reused when the session closes.
USER_ID INTEGER Unique numeric user identifier assigned by the Vertica catalog.
USER_NAME VARCHAR User name specified by this query profile.
TRANSACTION_ID INTEGER Identifies the transaction in which the query ran.
STATEMENT_ID INTEGER Numeric identifier of this query, unique within the query transaction.
CPU_CYCLES_US INTEGER Sum, in microseconds, of CPU cycles spent by all threads to process this query.
NETWORK_BYTES_SENT NETWORK_BYTES_RECEIVED INTEGER Total amount of data sent/received over the network by execution engine operators.
DATA_BYTES_READ DATA_BYTES_WRITTEN INTEGER Total amount of data read/written by storage operators from and to disk, includes all locations: local, HDFS, S3.
DATA_BYTES_LOADED INTEGER Total amount of data loaded from external sources: COPY, external tables, and data load.
BYTES_SPILLED INTEGER Total amount of data spilled to disk—for example, by SortManager, Join, and NetworkSend operators.
INPUT_ROWS INTEGER Number of unfiltered input rows from DataSource and Load operators. INPUT_ROWS shows the number of input rows that the query plan worked with, but excludes intermediate processing. For example, INPUT_ROWS excludes how many times SortManager spilled and read the same row.
INPUT_ROWS_PROCESSED INTEGER Value of INPUT_ROWS minus what was filtered by applying query predicates (valindex) and SIPs, and rows rejected by COPY.
PEAK_MEMORY_KB INTEGER Peak memory reserved by the resource manager for this query.
THREAD_COUNT INTEGER Maximum number of threads opened to process this query.
DURATION_MS INTEGER Total wall clock time, in milliseconds, spent to process this query.
RESOURCE_POOL VARCHAR Name of the resource pool where the query was executed.
OUTPUT_ROWS INTEGER Number of rows output to the client.
REQUEST_TYPE VARCHAR Type of query—for example, QUERY or DDL.
LABEL VARCHAR Label included as a LABEL hint in this query.
IS_RETRY BOOLEAN This query was tried earlier.
SUCCESS BOOLEAN This query executed successfully.