Provides information about executed queries.

Provides information about executed queries.

Column Name Data Type Description
SESSION_ID VARCHAR The identification of the session for which profiling information is captured. This identifier is unique within the cluster at any point in time but can be reused when the session closes.
TRANSACTION_ID INTEGER An identifier for the transaction within the session if any; otherwise NULL.
STATEMENT_ID INTEGER Unique numeric ID for the currently-running statement. NULL indicates that no statement is currently being processed. The combination of TRANSACTION_ID, STATEMENT_ID uniquely identifies a statement within a session.

A string to identify the query in system tables.

Note: You can query the IDENTIFIER column to quickly identify queries you have labeled for profiling and debugging. See Labeling statements for details.

NODE_NAME VARCHAR The node name for which information is listed.
QUERY VARCHAR The query string used for the query.
QUERY_SEARCH_PATH VARCHAR A list of schemas in which to look for tables.
SCHEMA_NAME VARCHAR The schema name in which the query is being profiled, set only for load operations.
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR The table name in the query being profiled, set only for load operations.
QUERY_DURATION_US NUMERIC(18,0) The duration of the query in microseconds.
QUERY_START_EPOCH INTEGER The epoch number at the start of the given query.
QUERY_START VARCHAR The Linux system time of query execution in a format that can be used as a DATE/TIME expression.
ERROR_CODE INTEGER The return error code for the query.
USER_NAME VARCHAR The name of the user who ran the query.
PROCESSED_ROW_COUNT INTEGER The number of rows returned by the query.

Shows how much unused memory (in bytes) remains that is reserved for a given query but is unassigned to a specific operator. This is the memory from which unbounded operators pull first.

The MEMORY_INUSE_KB column in system table RESOURCE_ACQUISITIONS shows how much total memory was acquired for each query.

If operators acquire all memory acquired for the query, the plan must request more memory from the Vertica resource manager.

IS_EXECUTING BOOLEAN Displays information about actively running queries, regardless of whether profiling is enabled.