This table contains metadata related to a single scheduler.

This table contains metadata related to a single scheduler.

This table was renamed from kafka_config.kafka_scheduler. This table used to contain a column named eof_timeout_ms. It has been removed.

Column Data Type Description
version VARCHAR The version of the scheduler.
frame_duration INTERVAL The length of time of the frame. The default is 00:00:10.
resource_pool VARCHAR The resource pool associated with this scheduler.
config_refresh INTERVAL

The interval of time that the scheduler runs before applying any changes to its metadata, such as, changes made using the --update option.

For more information, refer to --config-refresh inScheduler tool options.

new_source_policy VARCHAR

When during the frame that the source runs. Set this value with the --new-source-policy in Source tool options.

Valid Values:

  • FAIR: Takes the average length of time from the previous batches and schedules itself appropriately.

  • START: Runs all new sources at the beginning of the frame. In this case, Vertica gives the minimal amount of time to run.

  • END: Runs all new sources starting at the end of the frame. In this case, Vertica gives the maximum amount of time to run.



pushback_policy VARCHAR

(Not currently used.) How Vertica handles delays for microbatches that continually fail.

Valid Values:

  • FLAT





pushback_max_count INTEGER (Currently not used.) The maximum number of times a microbatch can fail before Vertica terminates it.
auto_sync BOOLEAN

When TRUE, the scheduler automatically synchronizes source information with host clusters. For more information, refer to Automatically consume data from Kafka with the scheduler.



consumer_group_id VARCHAR The name of the Kafka consumer group to which the scheduler reports its progress in consuming messages. This value is NULL if the scheduler reports to the default consumer group named vertica-database_name. See Monitoring Vertica message consumption with consumer groups for more information.


This example shows a typical row in the stream_scheduler table.

=> SELECT * FROM weblog_sched.stream_scheduler;
-[ RECORD 1 ]------+-----------------------
version            | v9.2.1
frame_duration     | 00:05:00
resource_pool      | weblog_pool
config_refresh     | 00:05
new_source_policy  | FAIR
pushback_policy    | LINEAR
pushback_max_count | 5
auto_sync          | t
consumer_group_id  | vertica-consumer-group