CloudFormation template (CFT) overview

With Vertica on AWS, use CloudFormation Templates (CFTs) to easily manage provisioning the AWS resources with a running Vertica system.

With Vertica on AWS, use CloudFormation Templates (CFTs) to easily manage provisioning the AWS resources with a running Vertica system. After you provide a few parameters to the template, you can create a stack to automatically provision the AWS resources for your Vertica system.

To access Vertica CFTs, go to the AWS Marketplace.

CFT licensing models

Licensing models for CFTs are:

  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL): By default, free CE license is installed with 3 nodes and 1 TB. To extend nodes or size, you can purchase the Vertica BYOL license.
    Outside of the BYOL license on CFTs, you can also access the Community Edition without a license file:

  • By the Hour: A pay-as-you-go model where you pay for only the number of hours you use for each node. One advantage of using the Paid Listing is that all charges appear on your Amazon AWS bill. This offers an alternative to purchasing a full Vertica license. This eliminates the need to compute potential storage needs in advance.

CFT prerequisites

Before you can deploy Vertica on AWS using CloudFormation Templates (CFTs), verify that you have:

  • AWS account with permissions to create a VPC, subnet, security group, EC2 instances, and IAM roles (For more information about AWS accounts, see the AWS documentation)

  • Amazon key pair for SSH access to an EC2 instance. (See the AWS documentation for key pairs.)

Supported CFTs and Vertica offerings

Available Vertica CFTs are:

  • Management Console with 3 Vertica nodes: The easiest way to deploy Vertica. This CFT deploys an Eon Mode database by default. However, this environment can also be used to create an Enterprise Mode database. For more information, see Creating a database.

  • Deploy Management Console into new VPC: This CFT deploys all required AWS resources and installs the Vertica Management Console (MC). After stack creation completes, log in to the MC to provision a Vertica database cluster.

  • Deploy Management Console into existing VPC: This CFT deploys the Vertica Management Console (MC) in an already-existing VPC and subnet. After stack creation completes, the MC is available. Log in to MC to provision either a Vertica database cluster or an Eon Mode database cluster.

    For this CFT, you must first set up the VPC, subnet, and related network resources. For more information about the correct configuration of these resources for Vertica, see the following topics in the AWS documentation:

Using the license models and supported CFTs, you can deploy the following Vertica products:

  • Vertica BYOL, Red Hat

  • Vertica by the Hour, Red Hat

See Deploy MC and AWS resources with a CloudFormation template for information on deploying these products.