Configuring Management Console

After you complete the steps in Installing [%=Vertica.MC%] (MC), you need to configure it through a client browser connection.

After you complete the steps in Installing Management Console (MC), you need to configure it through a client browser connection. An MC configuration assistant walks you through creating the Linux MC super administrator account, storage locations, and other settings that MC needs to run. Information you provide during the configuration process is stored in the /opt/vconsole/config/ file.

If you need to change settings after the configuration assistant ends, such as port assignments, use the Home > MC Settings page.

Configure the MC Super user

  1. Open a browser session.

  2. Enter the IP address or host name of the server on which you installed MC and include the default MC port 5450. For example, enter the following using a IP address:

    Or enter the following for a host name:

  3. Accept the license agreement.

    1. You must accept the End-user license Agreement terms.
    2. Optionally, you can consent to the collection of anonymous data about your MC usage.
  4. On Configure Management Console, complete the fields to create a local MC Superuser. Local user credentials are stored internally in the MC.

  5. On Configure authentication, select Use Management Console for authentication.

  6. Select Finish.

Shortly after you click Finish, you should see a status in the browser. However, you might see only an empty page for several seconds. During this brief period, MC runs as the local user 'root' long enough to bind to port number 5450. Then MC switches to the MC super administrator account that you just created, restarts MC, and displays the MC login page.

For instructions on adding other users, see User administration in MC.