Hadoop integrations

OpenText supports Vertica with the following Hadoop distributions.

OpenText supports Vertica 24.2.x with the following Hadoop distributions. OpenText expects Vertica to work with subsequent Hadoop distributions, and tests these later distributions as soon as practical.

Distribution Supported Versions Important Notes
Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH)
  • 5.11 and higher*

  • 6.x

You cannot use versions 5.x in Eon Mode.
HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP)
  • 2.4 and higher*

  • 3.0

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)
  • 7.x

* Vertica is phasing out support for this platform. See End-of-support notices for more information.

You must apply patches for the following issues: HDFS-8855 and HDFS-8696. See your Hadoop vendor documentation for further instructions.

MapR versions 5.2 and later are expected to work. You cannot use MapR in Eon Mode.