Sets the (AHM) to the epoch corresponding to the specified time on the initiator node.

Sets the Ancient History Mark (AHM) to the epoch corresponding to the specified time on the initiator node. This function allows historical data up to and including the AHM epoch to be purged from physical storage. SET_AHM_TIME returns a TIMESTAMPTZ that represents the end point of the AHM epoch.

This is a meta-function. You must call meta-functions in a top-level SELECT statement.

Behavior type



SET_AHM_TIME ( time, [ true ] )


A TIMESTAMP/TIMESTAMPTZ value that is automatically converted to the appropriate epoch number.
Allows the AHM to advance when nodes are down.



Setting AHM when nodes are down

If any node in the cluster is down, you must call SET_AHM_TIME with an argument of true; otherwise, the function returns an error.


Epochs depend on a configured epoch advancement interval. If an epoch includes a three-minute range of time, the purge operation is accurate only to within minus three minutes of the specified timestamp:

=> SELECT SET_AHM_TIME('2008-02-27 18:13');
 AHM set to '2008-02-27 18:11:50-05'
(1 row)

In the previous example, the actual AHM epoch ends at 18:11:50, roughly one minute before the specified timestamp. This is because SET_AHM_TIME selects the epoch that ends at or before the specified timestamp. It does not select the epoch that ends after the specified timestamp because that would purge data deleted as much as three minutes after the AHM.

For example, using only hours and minutes, suppose that epoch 9000 runs from 08:50 to 11:50 and epoch 9001 runs from 11:50 to 15:50. SET_AHM_TIME('11:51') chooses epoch 9000 because it ends roughly one minute before the specified timestamp.

In the next example, suppose that a node went down at 11:00:00 AM on January 1st 2017. At noon, you want to advance the AHM to 11:15:00, but the node is still down.

Suppose you try to set the AHM using this command:

=> SELECT SET_AHM_TIME('2017-01-01 11:15:00');

Then you will receive an error message. Vertica prevents you from moving the AHM past the point where a node went down. Vertica returns this error to prevent the AHM from advancing past the down node's last good epoch. You can force the AHM to advance by supplying the optional second parameter:

=> SELECT SET_AHM_TIME('2017-01-01 11:15:00', true);

However, if you force the AHM past the last good epoch, the failed node will have to recover from scratch.

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