Dropping a database

This tool drops an existing.

This tool drops an existing database. Only the Database Superuser is allowed to drop a database.

  1. Stop the database.

  2. On the Configuration Menu, click Drop Database and then click OK.

  3. Select the database to drop and click OK.

  4. Click Yes to confirm that you want to drop the database.

  5. Type yes and click OK to reconfirm that you really want to drop the database.

  6. A message indicates that you have successfully dropped the database. Click OK.

When Vertica drops the database, it also automatically drops the node definitions that refer to the database . The following exceptions apply:

  • Another database uses a node definition. If another database refers to any of these node definitions, none of the node definitions are dropped.

  • A node definition is the only node defined for the host. (Vertica uses node definitions to locate hosts that are available for database creation, so removing the only node defined for a host would make the host unavailable for new databases.)