Managing licenses

You must license Vertica in order to use it.

You must license Vertica in order to use it. Vertica supplies your license in the form of one or more license files, which encode the terms of your license.

To prevent introducing special characters that invalidate the license, do not open the license files in an editor. Opening the file in this way can introduce special characters, such as line endings and file terminators, that may not be visible within the editor. Whether visible or not, these characters invalidate the license.

Applying license files

Be careful not to change the license key file in any way when copying the file between Windows and Linux, or to any other location. To help prevent applications from trying to alter the file, enclose the license file in an archive file (such as a .zip or .tar file). You should keep a back up of your license key file. OpenText recommends that you keep the backup in /opt/vertica.

After copying the license file from one location to another, check that the copied file size is identical to that of the one you received from Vertica.