New Vertica license installations

Follow these steps to install a new Vertica license:.

Follow these steps to install a new Vertica license:

  1. Copy the license key file you generated from the Software Entitlement Key site to your Administration host.

  2. Ensure the license key's file permissions are set to 400 (read permissions).

  3. Install Vertica as described in the Installing Vertica if you have not already done so. The interface prompts you for the license key file.

  4. To install Community Edition, leave the default path blank and click OK. To apply your evaluation or Premium Edition license, enter the absolute path of the license key file you downloaded to your Administration Host and press OK. The first time you log in as the Database Superuser and run the Administration tools, the interface prompts you to accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

  5. Choose View EULA.

  6. Exit the EULA and choose Accept EULA to officially accept the EULA and continue installing the license, or choose Reject EULA to reject the EULA and return to the Advanced Menu.