Connecting to the database

This tool connects to a running with.

This tool connects to a running database with vsql. You can use the Administration Tools to connect to a database from any node within the database while logged in to any user account with access privileges. You cannot use the Administration Tools to connect from a host that is not a database node. To connect from other hosts, run vsql as described in Connecting from the command line.

  1. On the Main Menu, click Connect to Database, and then click OK.

  2. Supply the database password if asked:


    When you create a new user with the CREATE USER command, you can configure the password or leave it empty. You cannot bypass the password if the user was created with a password configured. You can change a user's password using the ALTER USER command.

    The Administration Tools connect to the database and transfer control to vsql.

    Welcome to vsql, the Vertica Analytic Database interactive terminal.
    Type:  \h or \? for help with vsql commands
           \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
           \q to quit

See Using vsql for more information.

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