Create a database using administration tools

Run the from your as follows:.
  1. Run the Administration tools from your Administration host as follows:

    $ /opt/vertica/bin/admintools

    If you are using a remote terminal application, such as PuTTY or a Cygwin bash shell, see Notes for remote terminal users.

  2. Accept the license agreement and specify the location of your license file. For more information see Managing licenses for more information.

    This step is necessary only if it is the first time you have run the Administration Tools

  3. On the Main Menu, click Configuration Menu, and click OK.

  4. On the Configuration Menu, click Create Database, and click OK.

  5. Enter the name of the database and an optional comment, and click OK. See Creating a database name and password for naming guidelines and restrictions.

  6. Establish the superuser password for your database.

    • To provide a password enter the password and click OK. Confirm the password by entering it again, and then click OK.

    • If you don't want to provide the password, leave it blank and click OK. If you don't set a password, Vertica prompts you to verify that you truly do not want to establish a superuser password for this database. Click Yes to create the database without a password or No to establish the password.

  7. Select the hosts to include in the database from the list of hosts specified when Vertica was installed ( install_vertica -s), and click OK.

  8. Specify the directories in which to store the data and catalog files, and click OK.

  9. Catalog and data path names must contain only alphanumeric characters and cannot have leading spaces. Failure to comply with these restrictions results in database creation failure.

    For example:

    Catalog pathname: /home/dbadmin

    Data Pathname: /home/dbadmin

  10. Review the Current Database Definition screen to verify that it represents the database you want to create, and then click Yes to proceed or No to modify the database definition.

  11. If you click Yes, Vertica creates the database you defined and then displays a message to indicate that the database was successfully created.

  12. Click OK to acknowledge the message.