Prepare load scripts

You can postpone this step if your goal is to test a logical schema design for validity.

Prepare SQL scripts to load data directly into physical storage using COPY on vsql, or through ODBC.

You need scripts that load:

  • Large tables

  • Small tables

Vertica recommends that you load large tables using multiple files. To test the load process, use files of 10GB to 50GB in size. This size provides several advantages:

  • You can use one of the data files as a sample data file for the Database Designer.

  • You can load just enough data to Perform a partial data load before you load the remainder.

  • If a single load fails and rolls back, you do not lose an excessive amount of time.

  • Once the load process is tested, for multi-terabyte tables, break up the full load in file sizes of 250–500GB.

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