Prepare data files

Prepare two sets of data files:.

Prepare two sets of data files:

  • Test data files. Use test files to test the database after the partial data load. If possible, use part of the actual data files to prepare the test data files.

  • Actual data files. Once the database has been tested and optimized, use your data files for your initial Data load.

How to name data files

Name each data file to match the corresponding table in the logical schema. Case does not matter.

Use the extension .tbl or whatever you prefer. For example, if a table is named Stock_Dimension, name the corresponding data file stock_dimension.tbl. When using multiple data files, append _nnn (where nnn is a positive integer in the range 001 to 999) to the file name. For example, stock_dimension.tbl_001, stock_dimension.tbl_002, and so on.