Upgrading Vertica

The process of upgrading your database with a new Vertica version includes:.

Upgrading your database with a new Vertica version includes the following steps:

  1. Complete upgrade prerequisites

  2. Upgrade Vertica

  3. Perform post-upgrade tasks

You can upgrade your database from its current Vertica version to any higher version. Before upgrading, make sure that you have performed a full database backup and have tested the new version in an environment that closely resembles your production database.

Be sure to read the Release Notes and New Features for the Vertica version to which you intend to upgrade. Documentation and release notes for the current Vertica version are available in the RPM and at https://docs.vertica.com/latest, which also provides access to documentation for earlier versions.

For guidance on upgrading from unsupported versions, contact Vertica Technical Support.