Applies storage policies of the specified object immediately.

Enterprise Mode only

Applies storage policies of the specified object immediately. By default, the Tuple Mover enforces object storage policies after all pending mergeout operations are complete. Calling this function is equivalent to setting the enforce argument when using RETIRE_LOCATION. You typically use this function as the last step before dropping a storage location.

This is a meta-function. You must call meta-functions in a top-level SELECT statement.

Behavior type



ENFORCE_OBJECT_STORAGE_POLICY ( 'object-name' [,'key-min', 'key-max'] )


The database object whose storage policies are to be applied, one of the following:
  • database: Applies database storage policies.

  • [database.]schema: Applies schema storage policies.

  • [[database.]schema.]table: Applies table storage policies. If table is in any schema other than public, you must supply the schema name.

In all cases, database must be the name of the current database.

key-min, key-max
Valid only if object-name is a table, specifies the range of table partition key values on which to perform the move.


One of the following:

  • Superuser

  • Object owner and access to its storage location.


Apply storage policy updates to the test table:


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