Permanently removes a retired storage location.

Permanently removes a retired storage location. This operation cannot be undone. You must first retire a storage location with RETIRE_LOCATION before dropping it; you cannot drop a storage location that is in use.

This is a meta-function. You must call meta-functions in a top-level SELECT statement.

Behavior type



DROP_LOCATION ( 'path', 'node' )


Where the storage location to drop is mounted.
The Vertica node on which to drop the location. To perform this operation on all nodes, use an empty string (''). If the storage location is SHARED, you must perform this operation on all nodes.



Storage locations with temp and data files

If you use a storage location to store data and then alter it to store only temp files, the location can still contain data files. Vertica does not let you drop a storage location containing data files. You can use the MOVE_RETIRED_LOCATION_DATA function to manually merge out the data files from the storage location, or you can drop partitions. Deleting data files does not work.


The following example shows how to drop a previously retired storage location on v_vmart_node0003:

=> SELECT DROP_LOCATION('/data', 'v_vmart_node0003');

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