Displays whether your database is in compliance with your Vertica license agreement.

Displays whether your database is in compliance with your Vertica license agreement. This information includes the results of Vertica's most recent audit of the database size (if your license has a data allowance as part of its terms), the license term (if your license has an end date), and the number of nodes (if your license has a node limit).

GET_COMPLIANCE_STATUS measures data allowance by TBs (where a TB equals 10244 bytes).

The information displayed by GET_COMPLIANCE_STATUS includes:

  • The estimated size of the database (see Auditing database size for an explanation of the size estimate).

  • The raw data size allowed by your Vertica license.

  • The percentage of your allowance that your database is currently using.

  • The number of nodes and license limit.

  • The date and time of the last audit.

  • Whether your database complies with the data allowance terms of your license agreement.

  • The end date of your license.

  • How many days remain until your license expires.

If the audit shows your license is not in compliance with your data allowance, you should either delete data to bring the size of the database under the licensed amount, or upgrade your license. If your license term has expired, you should contact Vertica immediately to renew your license. See Managing licenses for further details.

This is a meta-function. You must call meta-functions in a top-level SELECT statement.

Behavior type







Raw Data Size: 0.00TB +/- 0.00TB
License Size : 10.00TB
Utilization  : 0%
Audit Time   : 2015-09-24 12:19:15.425486-04
Compliance Status : The database is in compliance with respect to raw data size.

License End Date: 2015-11-23 00:00:00 Days Remaining: 60.53
(1 row)

The following example shows output for a Vertica for SQL on Apache Hadoop cluster.

Node count : 4
License Node limit : 5
No size-compliance concerns for an Unlimited license

No expiration date for a Perpetual license
(1 row)