Gracefully shuts down a subcluster or subclusters.

Eon Mode only

Gracefully shuts down a subcluster or subclusters. The function drains client connections on the subcluster's nodes and then shuts down the subcluster. This is synchronous function that returns when the shutdown message has been sent to the subcluster.

Work from existing user sessions continues on draining nodes, but the nodes refuse new client connections and are excluded from load-balancing operations. dbadmin can still connect to draining nodes.

The nodes drain until either the existing connections complete their work and close or the user-specified timeout is reached. When one of these conditions is met, the function proceeds to shut down the subcluster.

For more information about the graceful shutdown process, see Graceful Shutdown.

This is a meta-function. You must call meta-functions in a top-level SELECT statement.

Behavior type



SHUTDOWN_WITH_DRAIN( 'subcluster-name', timeout-seconds )


Name of the subcluster to shutdown. Enter an empty string to shutdown all subclusters in a database.
Number of seconds to wait before forcefully closing subcluster-name's client connections and shutting down. The behavior depends on the sign of timeout-seconds:
  • Positive integer: The function waits until either the runtime reaches timeout-seconds or the client connections finish their work and close. As soon as one of these conditions is met, the function immediately proceeds to shut down the subcluster.
  • Zero: The function immediately closes any open client connections and shuts down the subcluster.
  • Negative integer: The function marks the subcluster as draining and waits indefinitely to shut down the subcluster until all active user sessions disconnect.




In the following example, the function marks the subcluster named analytics as draining and then shuts it down as soon as either the existing client connections close or 300 seconds pass:

=> SELECT SHUTDOWN_WITH_DRAIN('analytics', 120);
NOTICE 0:  Draining has started on subcluster (analytics)
NOTICE 0:  Begin shutdown of subcluster (analytics)
Set subcluster (analytics) to draining state
Waited for 3 nodes to drain
Shutdown message sent to subcluster (analytics)

(1 row)

You can query the DC_DRAINING_EVENTS table to see more information about draining and shutdown events, such as whether any user sessions were forcibly closed. This subcluster had one active user session when the shutdown began, but it closed before the timeout was reached:

=> SELECT event_type, event_type_name, event_description, event_result, event_result_name FROM dc_draining_events;
 event_type |       event_type_name        |                          event_description                          | event_result | event_result_name
          0 | START_DRAIN_SUBCLUSTER       | START_DRAIN for SHUTDOWN of subcluster (analytics)                  |            0 | SUCCESS
          2 | START_WAIT_FOR_NODE_DRAIN    | Wait timeout is 120 seconds                                         |            4 | INFORMATIONAL
          4 | INTERVAL_WAIT_FOR_NODE_DRAIN | 1 sessions remain after 0 seconds                                   |            4 | INFORMATIONAL
          4 | INTERVAL_WAIT_FOR_NODE_DRAIN | 1 sessions remain after 30 seconds                                  |            4 | INFORMATIONAL
          3 | END_WAIT_FOR_NODE_DRAIN      | Wait for drain ended with 0 sessions remaining                      |            0 | SUCCESS
          5 | BEGIN_SHUTDOWN_AFTER_DRAIN   | Starting shutdown of subcluster (analytics) following drain         |            4 | INFORMATIONAL
(6 rows)

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