SQS parameters

The following parameters configure Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) access.

The following parameters configure access to Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues. SQS is used with CREATE DATA LOADER to automatically load data from a queue into Vertica. These parameters can be set at the database or session level and some, if unset, fall back to their equivalent S3 parameters.

SQSAuth (falls back to AWSAuth)
ID and secret key for authentication, equivalent to the AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey in AWS. For example:

Default: "" (empty string)

Per-queue credentials for accessing SQS queues, a JSON array. When set, these values take precedence over SQSAuth.


  • accessKey: Access key for the queue (the ID in AWSAuth)

  • secretAccessKey: Secret access key for the queue (the secret in AWSAuth)

  • sessionToken: AWS session token, only used when SQSQueueCredentials is set at the session level

The following example sets credentials for two queues:

=> ALTER SESSION SET SQSQueueCredentials='[

Default: "" (empty string)

Temporary, session-level SQS access token. Set this parameter in a user session using ALTER SESSION.

If you set a session token at the session level, you must also set SQSAuth at the session level, even if it is already set at the database level.

In general, SQSSessionToken should be set only at the session level. While you can set this parameter at the database level, session tokens are ephemeral, so when the database-level token expires, you must set it again either at the session or database level.