Eon Mode parameters

The following parameters configure how the database operates when running in Eon Mode.

The following parameters configure how the database operates when running in Eon Mode. Query the CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS system table to determine what levels (node, session, user, database) are valid for a given parameter.

Specifies background depot warming behavior:
  • 1: The depot loads objects while it is warming, and continues to do so in the background after the node becomes active and starts executing queries.

  • 0: Node activation is deferred until the depot fetches and loads all queued objects

For details, see Depot Warming.

Default: 1

Specifies in minutes how often the transaction log sync service syncs metadata to communal storage. If you change this setting, Vertica restarts the interval count.

Default: 5

Specifies in hours how long to wait before deleting a file from communal storage. Vertica first deletes a file from the depot. After the specified time interval, the delete also occurs in communal storage.

Default: 0. Deletes the file from communal storage as soon as it is not in use by shard subscribers.

Specifies behavior when the depot does not contain queried file data, one of the following:
  • ALL (default): Fetch file data from communal storage, if necessary displace existing files by evicting them from the depot.

  • FETCHES: Fetch file data from communal storage only if space is available; otherwise, read the queried data directly from communal storage.

  • NONE: Do not fetch file data to the depot, read the queried data directly from communal storage.

You can also specify query-level behavior with the hint DEPOT_FETCH.

String parameter that sets the strategy Vertica uses when dividing the data in a shard among subscribing nodes during an ECS-enabled query, one of the following:
  • AUTO: Optimizer automatically determines the strategy to use.

  • COMPUTE_OPTIMIZED: Force use of the compute-optimized strategy.

  • IO_OPTIMIZED: Force use of the I/O-optimized strategy.

For details, see Manually choosing an ECS strategy.

Default: AUTO

Boolean parameter that controls whether Vertica adjusts shard subscriptions due to the loss of a primary node:
  • 1: When a primary node is lost, Vertica subscribes other primary nodes to the down node's shard subscriptions. This action helps reduce the chances of a database into going read-only mode due to loss of shard coverage.
  • 0 : Vertica does not change shard subscriptions in reaction to the loss of a primary node.

Default: 1

For details, see Maintaining Shard Coverage.

Boolean parameter, specifies whether Vertica warms a node depot while the node is starting up and not ready to process queries:
  • 1: Warm the depot while a node comes up.

  • 0: Warm the depot only after the node is up.

For details, see Depot Warming.

Default: 0

Specifies in seconds the interval between each execution of the reaper cleaner service task.

Default: 60 seconds

An integer value that specifies the maximum size of the depot as a percentage of disk size,

Default: 80

If enabled (set to 1), a warming depot fetches objects that are pinned on its subcluster. For details, see Depot Warming.

Default: 0

Specifies in seconds how long Vertica waits for the reaper to delete files from communal storage before shutting down. If set to a negative value, Vertica shuts down without waiting for the reaper.

Default: 300

The size of temp space allocated per query to the StorageMerge operator for caching the data of S3 storage containers.

For details, see Local caching of storage containers.

Boolean parameter, specifies whether where a node retrieves data when warming its depot:
  • 1: Retrieve data from communal storage.

  • 0: Retrieve data from a peer.

Default: 1

Boolean parameter, specifies whether Vertica accesses the depot to answer queries, or accesses only communal storage:
  • 1: Vertica first searches the depot for the queried data; if not there, Vertica fetches the data from communal storage for this and future queries.

  • 0: Vertica bypasses the depot and always obtains queried data from communal storage.

Default: 1

Boolean parameter, specifies whether Vertica writes loaded data to the depot and then uploads files to communal storage:
  • 1: Write loaded data to the depot, upload files to communal storage.

  • 0: Bypass the depot and always write directly to communal storage.

Default: 1

Boolean parameter, specifies whether Vertica pushes loaded data to other shard subscribers:
  • 1: Send loaded data to all shard subscribers.

  • 0: Do not push data to other shard subscribers.

Default: 0