Before you upgrade

Before you upgrade the Vertica database, perform the following steps:.

Before you upgrade the Vertica database, perform the following steps:

  • Verify that you have enough RAM available to run the upgrade. The upgrade requires approximately three times the amount of memory your database catalog uses.

    You can calculate catalog memory usage on all nodes by querying system table RESOURCE_POOL_STATUS:

    => SELECT node_name, pool_name, memory_size_kb FROM resource_pool_status WHERE pool_name = 'metadata';
  • Perform a full database backup. This precautionary measure allows you to restore the current version if the upgrade is unsuccessful.

  • Perform a backup of your grants.

  • Verify platform requirements for the new version.

  • Determine whether you are using any third-party user-defined extension libraries (UDxs). UDx libraries that are compiled (such as those developed using C++ or Java) may need to be recompiled with a new version of the Vertica SDK libraries to be compatible with the new version of Vertica. See UDx library compatibility with new server versions.

  • Check catalog storage space.

  • Note that any user or role with the same name as a predefined role is renamed to OLD_n_name, where n is an integer that increments from zero until the resulting name is unique and name is the previous name of the user or role.

  • If you're upgrading from Vertica 9.2.x and have set the PasswordMinCharChange or PasswordMinLifeTime system-level security parameters, take note of their current values. You will have to set these parameters again, this time at the PROFILE-level, to reproduce your configuration. To view the current values for these parameters, run the following query:

    => SELECT parameter_name,current_value from CONFIGURATION_PARAMETERS
        WHERE parameter_name IN ('PasswordMinCharChange', 'PasswordMinLifeTime');

After you complete these tasks, shut down the database gracefully.