Upgrading the VerticaDB operator

Vertica supports two separate options to upgrade the VerticaDB operator:.

Vertica supports two separate options to upgrade the VerticaDB operator:

  • OperatorHub.io

  • Helm Charts



The Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) operator manages upgrades for OperatorHub.io installations. You can configure the OLM operator to upgrade the VerticaDB operator manually or automatically with the Subscription object's spec.installPlanApproval parameter.

Automatic upgrade

To configure automatic version upgrades, set spec.installPlanApproval to Automatic, or omit the setting entirely. When the OLM operator refreshes the catalog source, it installs the new VerticaDB operator automatically.

Manual upgrade

Upgrade the VerticaDB operator manually to approve version upgrades for specific install plans. To manually upgrade, set spec.installPlanApproval parameter to Manual and complete the following:

  1. Verify if there is an install plan that requires approval to proceed with the upgrade:

    $ kubectl get installplan
    install-ftcj9 verticadb-operator.v1.7.0 Manual false
    install-pw7ph verticadb-operator.v1.6.0 Manual true

    The command output shows that the install plan install-ftcj9 for VerticaDB operator version 1.7.0 is not approved.

  2. Approve the install plan with a patch command:

    $ kubectl patch installplan install-ftcj9 --type=merge --patch='{"spec": {"approved": true}}'
    installplan.operators.coreos.com/install-ftcj9 patched

    After you set the approval, the OLM operator silently upgrades the VerticaDB operator.

  3. Optional. To monitor its progress, inspect the STATUS column of the Subscription object:

    $ kubectl describe subscription subscription-object-name

Helm charts

You must have cluster administrator privileges to upgrade the VerticaDB operator with Helm charts.

The Helm chart includes the CRD, but the helm install command does not overwrite an existing CRD. To upgrade the operator, you must update the CRD with the manifest from the GitHub repository.

Additionally, you must upgrade all custom resource definitions, even if you do deploy them in your environment. These CRDs are installed with the operator and maintained as separate YAML manifests. Upgrading all CRDs ensure that your operator is upgraded completely.

You can upgrade the CRDs and VerticaDB operator from GitHub by applying the YAML manifests with the kubectl command-line tool:

  1. Install all Custom resource definitions. Because the size of the CRD is too large for client-side operations, you must use the server-side=true and --force-conflicts options to apply the manifests:

    kubectl apply --server-side=true --force-conflicts -f https://github.com/vertica/vertica-kubernetes/releases/latest/download/crds.yaml

    For additional details about these commands, see Server-Side Apply documentation.

  2. Upgrade the Helm chart:

    $ helm upgrade operator-name --wait vertica-charts/verticadb-operator