DELETE databases/:database_name/process

Creates a job to stop the database identified by :database_name.

Creates a job to stop the database identified by :database_name. The :database_name is the value of the name field that the GET databases command returns.

Returns a job ID that you can useto determine the status of the job. See GET jobs.

Resource URL



Requires a VerticaAPIKey in the request header.

The API key must have restricted level security or higher.


user_id A database username.
passwd The password for the username.

Example request

DELETE https://:5444/databases/testDB/process?user_id=username&passwd=username_password

An example of the full request using cURL:

curl -X DELETE -H "VerticaApiKey: ValidAPIKey" https://<NODE>:5444/:testDB/process?user_id=dbadmin"&"passwd=vertica


    "id": "StopDatabase-testDB-2014-07-20 12:46:04.406637",
    "url": "/jobs/StopDatabase-testDB-2014-07-20 12:46:04.406637"