Rest APIs for the agent

These API calls interact with standard Vertica nodes.

These API calls interact with standard Vertica nodes.

Backup and restore

GET backups Returns all the backups that have been created for all vbr configuration files ( *.ini ) that are located in the /opt/vertica/config directory.
POST backups/:config_script_base Creates a new backup as defined by the given vbr configuration script base (filename without the .ini extension).
GET backups/:config_script_base/:archive_id Returns details for a specific backup archive.
POST restore/:archive_id Restores a backup.


GET databases Returns a list of databases, their properties, and current status.
POST databases Creates a new database by supplying a valid set of parameters.
GET databases/:database_name Returns details about a specific database.
PUT databases/:database_name Starts, stops, rebalances, or runs Workload Analyzer on a database.
DELETE databases/:database_name Deletes an existing database.
GET databases/:database_name/configuration Returns the current configuration parameters from the database.
PUT databases/:database_name/configuration Sets one or more configuration parameters in the database.
GET databases/:database_name/hosts Returns hosts details for a specific database.
POST databases/:database_name/hosts Adds a new host to the database.
DELETE databases/:database_name/hosts/:host_id Removes a host from the database.
POST databases/:database_name/hosts/:host_id/process Starts the database process on a specific host.
DELETE databases/:database_name/hosts/:host_id/process Stops the database on a specific host.
POST databases/:database_name/hosts/:host_id/replace_with/:host_id_new Replaces a host with a standby host in the database.
GET databases/:database_name/license Returns the Vertica license that the specified database is using.
GET databases/:database_name/licenses Returns all the feature licenses that the specified database is using.
GET databases/:database_name/nodes Returns a list of nodes for the specified database.
GET databases/:database_name/nodes/:node_id Returns details on a specific node for the specified database.
POST databases/:database_name/process Starts the specified database.
GET databases/:database_name/process Returns the state of the database as either UP or DOWN.
DELETE databases/:database_name/process Stops the specified database on all hosts.
POST databases/:database_name/rebalance/process Rebalances the specified database. This option can have a long run time.
GET databases/:database_name/status [broken] Retrieves the database properties structure.
POST databases/:database_name/Workload Analyzer/process Runs the analyze workload action against the specified database.This option can have a long run time.


GET hosts Returns a list of hosts in this cluster.
GET hosts/:hostid Returns details for a specific host in this cluster.


GET jobs Returns a list of jobs the agent is tracking, along with their current status and exit codes.
GET jobs/:id Returns the details (the saved output) for a specific job.


POST licenses Uploads and applies a new license to this cluster.
GET licenses Returns the license field that databases created on this cluster use.


GET nodes Returns a list of nodes in this cluster.
GET nodes/:nodeid Returns details for a specific node in this cluster.


GET webhooks Returns a list of active webhooks.
POST webhooks/subscribe Creates a new webhook.
DELETE webhooks/:subscriber_id Deletes an existing webhook.