OLE DB connection properties

Use the Connection Manager to set the OLE DB connection string properties, which define your connection.

Use the Connection Manager to set the OLE DB connection string properties, which define your connection. You access the Connection Manager from within Visual Studio.

These connection parameters appear on the Connection page.

Parameters Action
Provider Select the native OLE DB provider for the connection.
OLE DB Provider Indicates Vertica OLE DB Provider.
Server or file name Enter the server or file name.
Location Not supported.
Use Windows NT Integrated Security Not supported.
Use a specific user name and password

Enter a user name and password.

Connect with No Password:

Select the Blank password check box.

Save and Encrypt Password:

Select Allow saving password.

Initial Catalog The name of the database running on the server.

The All page from the Connection Manager dialog box includes all possible connection string properties for the provider.

The table that follows lists the connection parameters for the All page.

For OLE DB properties information specific to Microsoft, see the Microsoft documentation OLE DB Properties.

Parameters Action
Extended Properties Not supported.
Locale Identifier

Indicates the Locale ID.

Default: 0


Specifies access permissions.

Default: 0

Connect Timeout

Not supported.

Default: 0

General Timeout Not supported.
File Name Not supported.
OLE DB Services Specifies which OLE DB services to enable or disable.

Specifies the password for the user ID.

For no password, insert an empty string.

Persist Security Info

A security measure. When False, security sensitive-information, such as the password, is not returned as part of the connection if the connection is open or has ever been in an open state.

Default: true

User ID The database username.
Data Source

The host name or IP address of any active node in a Vertica cluster.

You can provide an IPv4 address, IPv6 address, or host name.

In mixed IPv4/IPv6 networks, the DNS server configuration determines which IP version address is sent first. Use the PreferredAddressFamily option to force the connection to use either IPv4 or IPv6.

Initial Catalog The name of the database running on the server.

The name of the OLE DB Provider to use when connecting to the Data Source.

Default: VerticaOLEDB.1


A designated host name or IP address to use if the ServerName host is unavailable. Enter as a string.

Connection attempts continue until successful or until the list of server nodes is exhausted.

Valid values: Comma-separated list of servers optionally followed by a colon and port number. For example:



A Boolean value that determines whether the connection can be redirected to a host in the database other than the ServerNode.

This parameter affects the connection only if load balancing is set to a value other than NONE. When the node differs from the node that the client is connected to, the client disconnects and reconnects to the targeted node. See About Native Connection Load Balancing in the Administration Guide.

Default: false


SQL commands that the driver should execute immediately after connecting to the server. Use to configure the connection, such as setting a schema search path.

Reserved symbol:';' To set multiple parameters in this field use '%3B' for ','.

Spaces: Use '+'.


Controls whether square-bracket query identifiers are converted to a double quote identifier for compatibility when making queries to a Vertica database.

Default: false

DirectBatchInsert Deprecated, always set to true.
KerberosHostName Provides the instance or host name portion of the Vertica Kerberos principal; for example: verticaosEXAMPLE.COM
KerberosServiceName Provides the service name portion of the Vertica Kerberos principal; for example: vertichost@EXAMPLE.COM
Label Sets a label for the connection on the server. This value appears in the session_id column of system table SESSIONS .
LogLevel Specifies the amount of information included in the log. Leave this field blank or set to 0 unless otherwise instructed by Vertica Customer Support.
LogPath The path for the log file.

The port number on which Vertica listens for OLE DB connections.

Default: port 5433


The IP version to use if the client and server have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and you have provided a host name, one of the following:

  • ipv4: Connect to the server using IPv4.

  • ipv6: Connect to the server using IPv6.

  • none: Use the IP address provided by the DNS server.

SSLCertFile The absolute path of the client's public certificate file. This file can reside anywhere on the system.
SSLKeyFile The absolute path to the client's private key file. This file can reside anywhere on the system.

Controls whether the connection to the database uses SSL encryption, one of the following:

  • require: Requires the server to use SSL. If the server cannot provide an encrypted channel, the connection fails.

  • prefer: Prefers that the server use SSL. If the server does not offer an encrypted channel, the client requests one. The first attempt is made with SSL. If that attempt fails, the second attempt is over a clear channel.

  • allow: Makes a connection to the server whether or not the server uses SSL. The first attempt is made over a clear channel. If that attempt fails, a second attempt is over SSL.

  • disable: Never connects to the server using SSL. Typically, you use this setting for troubleshooting.

Default: prefer