ODBC driver settings

While required settings are required for all platforms, these settings automatically set by the Windows and macOS installers, so all directives to change these settings are for Linux users.
  • DriverManagerEncoding: The UTF encoding standard used by the driver manager. This can be one of the following:

    • UTF-8

    • UTF-16

    • UTF-32

    The ODBC driver encoding must match that of your driver manager. The following table lists default encodings for various platforms that take effect if you do not set this parameter. If the defaults do not match the encoding used by your driver manager, you must set it manually. Consult your driver manager's documentation for details on its encoding.

    Client Platform Default Encoding
    Linux 32-bit UTF-32
    Linux 64-bit UTF-32
    Linux Itanium 64-bit UTF-32
    OS X UTF-32
    Windows 32-bit UTF-16
    Windows 64-bit UTF-16
  • ErrorMessagesPath: Required, the path of the directory containing the ODBC driver's error message files. These files (ODBCMessages.xml and VerticaMessages.xml) are stored in the same directory as the Vertica ODBC driver files (for example, opt/vertica/en-US in the downloaded .tar).

  • ODBCInstLib: The path to the ODBC installer library. This setting is only required if the directory containing the library is not set in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIB_PATH environment variables. The library files for the major driver managers are:

  • UnixODBC: libodbcinst.so

  • iODBC: libiodbcinst.so (libiodbcinst.2.dylib on macOS)

  • DataDirect: libodbcinst.so

You can also control client-server message logging for both ODBC and ADO.NET. For details, see Configuring ODBC logs.

Linux and macOS

To set these parameters on Linux or macOS:

  1. Create a file vertica.ini anywhere on the client system. Common locations are in /etc/ for a shared configuration, or the home directory for a per-user configuration.

  2. Verify that users of the ODBC driver have read privileges on the file.

  3. Set the VERTICAINI environment variable to the path of vertica.ini. For example:

$ export VERTICAINI=/etc/vertica.ini
  1. Create a section called [Driver] in vertica.ini:
  1. Under [Driver], set parameters with the following format. Each parameter must have its own line:


The Windows client driver installer automatically configures all necessary settings for the ODBC driver. Settings are stored in the registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Vertica\ODBC\Driver.

If you want to configure ODBC further, use the ODBC Data Sources program.