Installing the ADO.NET client driver

The ADO.NET client driver requires the following:.


The ADO.NET client driver requires the following:


For a sample application that uses and demonstrates all of these installation methods, see the client-application-examples repository.

Package reference

The ADO.NET client driver is available on NuGet and should be installed with a package reference.

To reference the package, add the following to your .csproj. For an example .csproj file, see SampleApp.csproj:

  <PackageReference Include="Vertica.Data" Version="24.1.0" />

Local package reference

You can also download the Vertica.Data package and reference it locally.

On Windows platforms, you can install the ADO.NET driver with the Windows installer and then reference the .dll. This is required for certain applications like TIBCO Spotfire to interact with the driver:

  <Reference Include="Vertica.Data">
    <HintPath>path\to\Program Files\Vertica Systems\ADO.NET64\Vertica.Data.dll</HintPath>