Unsegmented projections

In many cases, dimension tables are relatively small, so you do not need to segment them. Accordingly, you should design a K-safe database so projections for its dimension tables are replicated without segmentation on all cluster nodes. You create unsegmented projections with a CREATE PROJECTION statement that includes the clause UNSEGMENTED ALL NODES. This clause specifies to create identical instances of the projection on all cluster nodes.

The following example shows how to create an unsegmented projection for the table store.store_dimension:

=> CREATE PROJECTION store.store_dimension_proj (storekey, name, city, state)
             AS SELECT store_key, store_name, store_city, store_state
             FROM store.store_dimension

Vertica uses the same name to identify all instances of the unsegmented projection—in this example, store.store_dimension_proj. The keyword ALL NODES specifies to replicate the projection on all nodes:

=> \dj store.store_dimension_proj
                         List of projections
 Schema |         Name         |  Owner  |       Node       | Comment
 store  | store_dimension_proj | dbadmin | v_vmart_node0001 |
 store  | store_dimension_proj | dbadmin | v_vmart_node0002 |
 store  | store_dimension_proj | dbadmin | v_vmart_node0003 |
(3 rows)

For more information about projection name conventions, see Projection naming.