Replaces the library file that is currently associated with a UDx library in the Vertica catalog.

Replaces the library file that is currently associated with a UDx library in the Vertica catalog. Vertica automatically distributes copies of the updated file to all cluster nodes. UDxs defined in the catalog that reference the updated library automatically start using the updated library file. A UDx is considered to be the same if its name and signature match.

The current and replacement libraries must be written in the same language.


ALTER LIBRARY [[database.]schema.]name [DEPENDS 'depends-path'] AS 'path';



Database and schema. The default schema is public. If you specify a database, it must be the current database.

The name of an existing library created with CREATE LIBRARY.
DEPENDS 'depends-path'

Files or libraries on which this library depends, one or more files or directories on the initiator node file system or other supported file systems or object stores. For a directory, end the path entry with a slash (/), optionally followed by a wildcard (*). To specify more than one file, separate entries with colons (:).

If any path entry contain colons, such as a URI, place brackets around the entire DEPENDS path and use double quotes for the individual path elements, as in the following example:

DEPENDS '["s3://mybucket/gson-2.3.1.jar"]'

To specify libraries with multiple directory levels, see Multi-level Library Dependencies.

DEPENDS has no effect for libraries written in R. R packages must be installed locally on each node, including external dependencies.

AS path
The absolute path on the initiator node file system of the replacement library file.


Superuser, or UDXDEVELOPER and CREATE on the schema. Non-superusers must explicitly enable the UDXDEVELOPER role. See CREATE LIBRARY for examples.

Multi-level library dependencies

If a DEPENDS clause specifies a library with multiple directory levels, Vertica follows the library path to include all subdirectories of that library. For example, the following CREATE LIBRARY statement enables the UDx library mylib to import all Python packages and modules that it finds in subdirectories of site-packages:

=> CREATE LIBRARY mylib AS '/path/to/python_udx' DEPENDS '/path/to/python/site-packages' LANGUAGE 'Python';


This example shows how to update an already-defined library named myFunctions with a new file.

=> ALTER LIBRARY myFunctions AS '/home/dbadmin/';

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