Alters a user-defined scalar function.

Alters a user-defined scalar function.


ALTER FUNCTION [[db-name.]schema.]function-name( [ parameter-list] ) {
    OWNER TO new-owner
    | RENAME TO new-name
    | SET FENCED boolean-expr
    | SET SCHEMA new-schema


Database and schema. The default schema is public. If you specify a database, it must be the current database.
Name of the function to alter.
Comma-delimited list of parameters that are defined for this function. If none, specify an empty list.
OWNER TO new-owner
Transfers function ownership to another user.
RENAME TO new-name
Renames this function.
SET FENCED { true | false }
Specifies whether to enable fenced mode for this function.
SET SCHEMA new-schema
Moves the function to another schema.


Non-superuser: USAGE on the schema and one of the following:

  • Function owner

  • ALTER privilege on the function

For certain operations, non-superusers must also have the following schema privileges:

Operation Schema privileges required
RENAME TO (rename function) CREATE, USAGE
SET SCHEMA (move function to another schema)
  • CREATE: destination schema

  • USAGE: current schema


Rename function UDF_one to UDF_two:

=> ALTER FUNCTION UDF_one (int, int) RENAME TO UDF_two;

Move function UDF_two to schema macros:

=> ALTER FUNCTION UDF_two (int, int) SET SCHEMA macros;

Disable fenced mode for function UDF_two:

=> ALTER FUNCTION UDF_two (int, int) SET FENCED false;

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