Firewall considerations

Vertica requires multiple ports be open between nodes.

Vertica requires multiple ports be open between nodes. You may use a firewall (IP Tables) on Redhat/CentOS and Ubuntu/Debian based systems. Note that firewall use is not supported on SuSE systems and that SuSE systems must disable the firewall. The installer reports issues found with your IP tables configuration with the identifiers N0010 for (systems that use IP Tables) and N011 (for SuSE systems).

The installer checks the IP tables configuration and issues a warning if there are any configured rules or chains. The installer does not detect if the configuration may conflict with Vertica. It is your responsibility to verify that your firewall allows traffic for Vertica as described in Reserved ports.

You can modify your firewall to allow for Vertica network traffic, or you can disable the firewall if your network is secure. Note that firewalls are not supported for Vertica systems running on SuSE.

Red Hat and CentOS systems:

To disable the system firewall, run the following command as root or sudo:

# systemctl mask firewalld
# systemctl disable firewalld
# systemctl stop firewalld

Ubuntu and Debian systems

For details on how to configure iptables and allow specific ports to be open, see the platform-specific documentation for your platform:

To disable iptables on Debian, run the following command as root or sudo:

$ /etc/init.d/iptables stop

$ update-rc.d -f iptables remove

To disable iptables on Ubuntu, run the following command:

$ sudo ufw disable

SuSE systems

The firewall must be disabled on SUSE systems. To disable the firewall on SuSE systems, run the following command:

# /sbin/SuSEfirewall2 off