FIPS-Enabled databases: limitations

FIPS-enabled databases have the following limitations:.

FIPS-enabled databases have the following limitations:

  • You cannot create a FIPS-enabled database on a non-FIPS machine.

  • You cannot create a non-FIPS database on a FIPS-enabled machine.

  • The Management Console and its daemon, Agent, are not available on FIPS-enabled databases.

  • Copying data generated with the MD5 hashing algorithm from a non-FIPS machine to a FIPS-enabled machine results in data corruption.

  • Due to limitations in the FIPS cryptographic module, Vertica does not recommend enabling internode encryption in FIPS environments. If you use FIPS and internode encryption, you may experience occasional query failure due to socket closure in workloads that send a high volume of data across the network.