Prepare the hosts

This topic applies only to on-premises installations.

This topic applies only to on-premises installations.

Before you can install a Vertica cluster using the MC, you must prepare each host that will become a node in the cluster. The cluster creation process runs validation tests against each host before it attempts to install the Vertica software. These tests ensure that the host is correctly configured to run Vertica.

Validate the hosts

The validation tests provide:

  • Warnings and error messages when they detect a configuration setting that conflicts with the Vertica requirements or any performance issue

  • Suggestions for configuration changes when they detect an issue

All hosts must pass validation before the cluster can be created.

If you accepted the default configuration options when installing the OS on your host, then the validation tests will likely return errors, since some of the default options used on Linux systems conflict with Vertica requirements. See Operating system configuration overview for details on OS settings. To speed up the validation process you can perform the following steps on the prospective hosts before you attempt to validate the hosts. These steps are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS systems, but other supported platforms have similar settings.