Management Console toolbar and navigation

How to navigate the Management console.

The toolbar and left navigation pane are available in all areas of the Management Console (MC).


The toolbar provides icons for quick access to important MC features:

Management Console toolbar icons

You can view Message Center notifications, change the MC user interface (UI) text language, access Vertica resources, and access user account options.

Message Center quick view

The Message Center quick view is the bell icon on the left. The number in the red circle slightly above the bell icon indicates the current number of alerts. To view these alerts, select the bell icon to open the following quick view window:

Alerts quick view

Select viewAll to go to the Message Center. For additional details, see Monitoring database messages and alerts with MC.

Language selector

The language selector is the globe icon and language description located to the right of the Message Center bell icon. It lets you select the current language that the MC uses for UI text.

To change languages, select the globe icon or language description, and select a language from the dropdown:

Language selector

By default, the MC displays UI text in English - United States. To add new languages, you must configure the MC with a set of language files. For details, see Localizing user interface text.

User account menu

The user account menu provides quick links to Vertica resources, password management for local users, and a Log out option:

Database user account menu

For details about managing passwords, see User authentication in MC.

The Management Console (MC) left navigation pane provides access to system-level MC options and section-specific options in a single, multi-level component. Each system-level option has section-specific options that display to the right of the selected system-level option.

System-level options

The system-level navigation pane provides access to MC options from any area within the MC:

MC system-level navigation options

This pane provides the following options:

To expand or collapse the system-level navigation, select the double arrows located above the options.

Section-specific options

When you select a system-level option, the navigation displays a menu that lists options for the system-level option. For example, the following image shows the options avialable for the system-level MC Settings:


When section-specific options are displayed, the system-level pane collapses. To view the expanded system-level options, hover the cursor over the collapsed pane.