-i -- timing

Enables the \timing meta-command.

Enables the \timing meta-command. You can only use this command with the -c --command and -f --file commands:

$VSQL -h host1 -U user1 -d VMart -p 15 -w ****** -i -f transactions.sql

You can only use -i with the -c (command) and -f (filename) commands. For more information see Command-line options.

From the command line enter the -i option before running a session to turn timing on. For example:

$VSQL -h host1 -U user1 -d VMart -p 15 -w ****** -i -f transactions.sql
$VSQL-h host1 -U user1 -d VMart -p 15 -w ****** -i -c "SELECT user_name,
ssl_state, authentication_method, client_authentication_name, client_type FROM sessions
WHERE session_id=(SELECT session_id FROM current_session);"