Entering data with vsql

You often need to insert literal data when using vsql.

You often need to insert literal data when using vsql. For example:

  • Adding a row of data to a table using an INSERT statement.

  • Adding multiple rows of data through a COPY FROM STDIN statement.

The following table lists the data types that Vertica supports, and the format you use to enter that data in queries when using vsql.

Data Type Inserting to vsql using Example Use in INSERT INTO table... For More Information See...
Binary types, such as BINARY and VARBINARY Helper functions such as HEX_TO_BINARY, octal strings, specified data format in COPY statements, casting string values to binary. VALUES(HEX_TO_BINARY('0x3D'), '\\141\\337\\');
BOOLEAN Literal values TRUE and FALSE or strings such as 'y', 't', 'true', or 'false'. VALUES(TRUE, 'f'); Boolean data type
Character data types such as CHAR or LONG VARCHAR Strings enclosed in single quotes. VALUES('my string'); Character data types (CHAR and VARCHAR)
Date and time data types, such as TIMESTAMPTZ Formatted text string VALUES('16:43:00', '2016-09-15 04:55:00 PDT');
Numeric Data Types Literal numeric values, including scientific notation, hexadecimal, and BINARY scaling. VALUES(3.1415, 42, 6.0221409e23); Numeric data types
UUID Formatted text string VALUES('12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012'); UUID data type