Installing the JDBC client driver

The JDBC client driver conforms to JDK 5 specifications.

The JDBC client driver conforms to JDK 5 specifications. Download the JDBC client driver according to your environment and requirements. If you need a FIPS-compliant driver, see Installing the FIPS client driver for JDBC.

Installing Vertica from the RPM automatically installs the JDBC client driver. To use the JDBC client driver, you just need to add the Vertica JDBC .jar to your CLASSPATH.

To manually install the JDBC client driver:

  1. Download the version of the JDBC client driver from the Client Drivers downloads page compatible with your version of Vertica.

  2. Copy the .jar file to a directory in your Java CLASSPATH on every client system with which you want to access Vertica. You can either:

    • Copy the .jar file to its own directory (such as /opt/vertica/java/lib) and then add that directory to your CLASSPATH (recommended). See Modifying the Java CLASSPATH for details.

    • Copy the .jar file to directory that is already in your CLASSPATH (for example, a directory where you have placed other .jar files on which your application depends).

    • Copy the .jar file to the system-wide Java Extensions directory. The exact location differs between operating systems. Some examples include:

      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Java\jrex.x.x_x\lib\ext\

      • Mac OS: /Library/Java/Extensions or /Users/username/Library/Java/Extensions

  3. Create a connection to test your configuration.