User resource allocation

You can allocate resources to users in two ways:.

You can allocate resources to users in two ways:

  • Customize allocation of resources for individual users by setting the appropriate user parameters.
  • Assign users to a resource pool. This resource pool is used to process all queries from its assigned users, allocating resources as set by resource pool parameters.

The two methods can complement each other. For example, you can set the RUNTIMECAP parameter in the user-defined resource pool user_rp to 20 minutes. This setting applies to the queries of all users who are assigned to user_rp, including user Bob:

=> ALTER RESOURCE POOL user_rp RUNTIMECAP '20 minutes';
=> ALTER USER Bob RESOURCE POOL pool user_rp;

When Vertica directs any query from user Bob to the user_rp resource pool for processing, it allocates resources to the query as configured in the resource pool, including RUNTIMECAP. Accordingly, queries in user_rp that do not complete execution within 20 minutes cascade to a secondary resource pool (if one is designated), or return to Bob with an error.

You can also edit Bob's user profile by setting its user-level parameter RUNTIMECAP to 10 minutes:

=> ALTER USER Bob RUNTIMECAP '10 minutes';

On receiving queries from Bob after this change, the resource pool compares the two RUNTIMECAP settings—its own, and Bob's profile setting—and applies the shorter of the two. If you subsequently reassign Bob to another resource pool, the same logic applies, where the new resource pool continues to apply the shorter of the two RUNTIMECAP settings.

Precedence of user resource pools

Resource pools can be assigned to users at three levels, in ascending order of precedence:

  1. Default user resource pool, set in configuration parameter DefaultResourcePoolForUsers. When a database user is created with CREATE USER, Vertica automatically sets the new user's profile to use this resource pool unless the CREATE USER statement specifies otherwise.

  2. User resource pool, set in the user's profile by CREATE USER or ALTER USER with its RESOURCE POOL parameter. If you try to drop a user's resource pool, Vertica checks whether it can assign that user to the default user resource pool. If the user cannot be assigned to this resource pool—typically, for lack of USAGE privileges—Vertica rolls back the drop operation.

  3. Current user session resource pool, set by SET SESSION RESOURCE_POOL.

In all cases, users must have USAGE privileges on their assigned resource pool; otherwise, they cannot log in to the database.

Resource pool usage in Eon Mode

In an Eon Mode database, you can assign a given resource pool to a subcluster, and then configure user profiles to use that resource pool. When users connect to a subcluster, Vertica determines which resource pool handles their queries as follows:

  1. If a user's resource pool and the subcluster resource pool are the same, then the subcluster resource pool handles queries from that user.
  2. If a user's resource pool and the subcluster resource pool are different, and the user has privileges on the default user resource pool, then that resource pool handles queries from the user.
  3. If a user's resource pool and the subcluster resource pool are different, and the user lacks privileges on the default user resource pool, then no resource pool is available on any node to handle queries from that user, and the queries return with an error.


For examples of different use cases for managing user resources, see Managing workloads with resource pools and user profiles.