C++ example: CurlSource

The CurlSource example allows you to use cURL to open and read in a file over HTTP.

The CurlSource example allows you to use cURL to open and read in a file over HTTP. The example provided is part of: /opt/vertica/sdk/examples/SourceFunctions/cURL.cpp.

Source implementation

This example uses the helper library available in /opt/vertica/sdk/examples/HelperLibraries/.

CurlSource loads the data in chunks. If the parser encounters an EndOfFile marker, then the process() method returns DONE. Otherwise, the method returns OUTPUT_NEEDED and processes another chunk of data. The functions included in the helper library (such as url_fread() and url_fopen()) are based on examples that come with the libcurl library. For an example, see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/fopen.html.

The setup() function opens a file handle and the destroy() function closes it. Both use functions from the helper library.

class CurlSource : public UDSource {private:
    URL_FILE *handle;
    std::string url;
    virtual StreamState process(ServerInterface &srvInterface, DataBuffer &output) {
        output.offset = url_fread(output.buf, 1, output.size, handle);
        return url_feof(handle) ? DONE : OUTPUT_NEEDED;
    CurlSource(std::string url) : url(url) {}
    void setup(ServerInterface &srvInterface) {
        handle = url_fopen(url.c_str(),"r");
    void destroy(ServerInterface &srvInterface) {

Factory implementation

CurlSourceFactory produces CurlSource instances.

class CurlSourceFactory : public SourceFactory {public:
    virtual void plan(ServerInterface &srvInterface,
            NodeSpecifyingPlanContext &planCtxt) {
        std::vector<std::string> args = srvInterface.getParamReader().getParamNames();
       /* Check parameters */
        if (args.size() != 1 || find(args.begin(), args.end(), "url") == args.end()) {
            vt_report_error(0, "You must provide a single URL.");
        /* Populate planData */

        /* Assign Nodes */
        std::vector<std::string> executionNodes = planCtxt.getClusterNodes();
        while (executionNodes.size() > 1) executionNodes.pop_back();
        // Only run on the first node in the list.
    virtual std::vector<UDSource*> prepareUDSources(ServerInterface &srvInterface,
            NodeSpecifyingPlanContext &planCtxt) {
        std::vector<UDSource*> retVal;
        retVal.push_back(vt_createFuncObj(srvInterface.allocator, CurlSource,
        return retVal;
    virtual void getParameterType(ServerInterface &srvInterface,
                                  SizedColumnTypes &parameterTypes) {
        parameterTypes.addVarchar(65000, "url");