Understanding Vertica licenses

Vertica has flexible licensing terms.

Vertica has flexible licensing terms. It can be licensed on the following bases:

  • Term-based (valid until a specific date).

  • Size-based (valid to store up to a specified amount of raw data).

  • Both term- and size-based.

  • Unlimited duration and data storage.

  • Node-based with an unlimited number of CPUs and users (one node is a server acting as a single computer system, whether physical or virtual).

  • A pay-as-you-go model where you pay for only the number of hours you use. This license is available on your cloud provider's marketplace.

Your license key has your licensing bases encoded into it. If you are unsure of your current license, you can view your license information from within Vertica.

Community edition license

Vertica Community Edition (CE) is free and allows customers to cerate databases with the following limits:

  • up to 3 of nodes

  • up to 1 terabyte of data

Community Edition licenses cannot be installed co-located in a Hadoop infrastructure and used to query data stored in Hadoop formats.

As part of the CE license, you agree to the collection of some anonymous, non-identifying usage data. This data lets Vertica understand how customers use the product, and helps guide the development of new features. None of your personal data is collected. For details on what is collected, see the Community Edition End User License Agreement.

Vertica for SQL on Apache Hadoop license

Vertica for SQL on Apache Hadoop is a separate product with its own license. This documentation covers both products. Consult your license agreement for details about available features and limitations.