Adding nodes to a database

After you add one or more hosts to the cluster, you can add them as nodes to the database with one of the following:.

After you add one or more hosts to the cluster, you can add them as nodes to the database with one of the following:

  • admintools command line, to ensure nodes are added in a specific order

  • Administration Tools

  • Management Console

If you have previously created storage locations using CREATE LOCATION...ALL NODES, you must create those locations on the new nodes.

Command line

With the admintools db_add_node tool, you can control the order in which nodes are added to the database cluster. It specifies the hosts of new nodes with its -s or --hosts option, which takes a comma-delimited argument list. Vertica adds new nodes in the list-specified order. For example, the following command adds three nodes:

$ admintools -t db_add_node \
      -d VMart \
      -p 'password' \

Administration tools

You add nodes to a database with the Administration Tools as follows:

  1. Open the Administration Tools.

  2. On the Main Menu, select View Database Cluster State to verify that the database is running. If it is not, start it.

  3. From the Main Menu, select Advanced Menu and click OK.

  4. In the Advanced Menu, select Cluster Management and click OK.

  5. In the Cluster Management menu, select Add Host(s) and click OK.

  6. Select the database to which you want to add one or more hosts, and then select OK.

    A list of unused hosts is displayed.

  7. Select the hosts you want to add to the database and click OK.

  8. When prompted, click Yes to confirm that you want to add the hosts.

  9. When prompted, enter the password for the database, and then select OK.

  10. When prompted that the hosts were successfully added, select OK.

  11. Vertica now automatically starts the rebalancing process to populate the new node with data. When prompted, enter the path to a temporary directory that the Database Designer can use to rebalance the data in the database and select OK.

  12. Either press Enter to accept the default K-safety value, or enter a new higher value for the database and select OK.

  13. Select whether to rebalance the database immediately, or later. In both cases, Vertica creates a script, which you can use to rebalance at any time.

    Review the summary of the rebalancing process and select Proceed.

    If you choose to automatically rebalance, the rebalance process runs. If you chose to create a script, the script is generated and saved. In either case, you are shown a success screen.

  14. Select OK to complete the Add Node process.

Management Console

To add nodes to an Eon Mode database using MC, see Add nodes to a cluster in AWS using Management Console.

To add hosts to an Enterprise Mode database using MC, see Adding hosts to a cluster