Using system tables to monitor recovery

Use the following system tables to monitor recover:.

Use the following system tables to monitor recover:

Specifically, the recovery_status system table includes information about the node that is recovering, the epoch being recovered, the current recovery phase, and running status:

=>select node_name, recover_epoch, recovery_phase, current_completed, is_running from recovery_status;
node_name            | recover_epoch | recovery_phase    | current_completed | is_running
 v_vmart_node0001    |               |                   | 0                 | f
 v_vmart_node0002    | 0             | historical pass 1 | 0                 | t
 v_vmart_node0003    | 1             | current           | 0                 | f

The projection_recoveries system table maintains history of projection recoveries. To check the recovery status, you can summarize the data for the recovering node, and run the same query several times to see if the counts change. Differing counts indicate that the recovery is working and in the process of recovering all missing data.

=> select node_name, status , progress from projection_recoveries;
node_name              | status      | progress
v_vmart_node0001       | running     | 61

To see a single record from the projection_recoveries system table, add limit 1 to the query.

After a recovery has completed, Vertica continues to store information from the most recent recovery in these tables.