Managing client connections

Vertica provides several settings to control client connections:.

Vertica provides several settings to control client connections:

  • Limit the number of client connections a user can have open at the same time.

  • Limit the time a client connection can be idle before being automatically disconnected.

  • Use connection load balancing to spread the overhead of servicing client connections among nodes.

  • Detect unresponsive clients with TCP keepalive.

  • Drain a subcluster to reject any new client connections to that subcluster. For details, see Drain client connections.

Total client connections to a given node cannot exceed the limits set in MaxClientSessions.

Changes to a client's MAXCONNECTIONS property have no effect on current sessions; these changes apply only to new sessions. For example, if you change user's connection mode from DATABASE to NODE, current node connections are unaffected. This change applies only to new sessions, which are reserved on the invoking node.

When Vertica closes a client connection, the client's ongoing operations, if any, are canceled.