Marks a to drop from the catalog so it is unavailable to user queries.

Marks a projection to drop from the catalog so it is unavailable to user queries.


DROP PROJECTION [ IF EXISTS ] { [[database.]schema.]projection[,...] } [ RESTRICT | CASCADE ]


Specifies not to report an error if the projection to drop does not exist. Use this clause in SQL scripts to avoid errors on dropping non-existent objects before attempting to create them.

Database and schema. The default schema is public. If you specify a database, it must be the current database.

Specifies a projection to drop:
  • If the projection is unsegmented, all projection replicas in the database cluster are dropped.

  • If the projection is segmented, drop all buddy projections by specifying the projection base name. You can also specify the name of a specific buddy projection as long as dropping it so does not violate system K-safety.

See Projection naming for projection name conventions.

Specifies whether to drop the projection when it contains objects:
  • RESTRICT (default): Drop the projection only if it contains no objects.

  • CASCADE: Drop the projection even if it contains objects.


Non-superuser: owner of the anchor table


The following restrictions apply to dropping a projection:

  • The projection cannot be the anchor table's superprojection.

  • You cannot drop a buddy projection if doing so violates system K-safety.

  • Another projection must be available to enforce the same primary or unique key constraint.

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