Create a placement group, key pair, and VPC

Part of configuring your network for AWS is to create the following:.

Part of configuring your network for AWS is to create the following:

Create a placement group

A placement group is a logical grouping of instances in a single Availability Zone. Placement Groups are required for clusters and all Vertica nodes must be in the same Placement Group.

Vertica recommends placement groups for applications that benefit from low network latency, high network throughput, or both. To provide the lowest latency, and the highest packet-per-second network performance for your Placement Group, choose an instance type that supports enhanced networking.

For information on creating placement groups, see Placement Groups in the AWS documentation.

Create a key pair

You need a key pair to access your instances using SSH. Create the key pair using the AWS interface and store a copy of your key (*.pem) file on your local machine. When you access an instance, you need to know the local path of your key.

Use a key pair to:

  • Authenticate your connection as dbadmin to your instances from outside your cluster.

  • Install and configure Vertica on your AWS instances.

for information on creating a key pair, see Amazon EC2 Key Pairs in the AWS documentation.

Create a virtual private cloud (VPC)

You create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Amazon so that you can create a network of your EC2 instances. Your instances in the VPC all share the same network and security settings.

A Vertica cluster on AWS must be logically located in the same network. Create a VPC to ensure the nodes in you cluster can communicate with each other in AWS.

Create a single public subnet VPC with the following configurations:

For information on creating a VPC, see Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the AWS documentation.