Monitoring external data sources with MC

By default, Management Console monitors a database using information from that database's Data Collector (DC) tables.

By default, Management Console monitors a database using information from that database's Data Collector (DC) tables. MC can also monitor DC tables you have copied into Vertica tables, locally or remotely.

MC administrators provide mappings to local schemas or to an external database containing the corresponding DC data. MC can then render its charts and graphs from the new repository instead of from local DC tables. This offers the benefit of loading larger sets of data faster in MC, and retaining historical data long term.

Map an alternative data source

  1. On the MC Settings page, navigate to the Data Source tab.

  2. Select the database for which you are creating the data source mapping.

  3. Choose the database user for which you want to create the mapping.

  4. Set Repository Location to Local or Remote.

  5. If Remote is selected, provide JDBC connection parameters for the remote database repository. Click Validate Connection Properties to confirm a successful connection.

  6. Enter the schema mappings for v_internal and v_catalog. MC does not support mapping the v_monitor schema.

  7. Input your table mappings in one of the following ways:

    • Click Auto Discover. MC retrieves the table mappings based on the database and schema mappings you provided.

    • Click Manual Entry. Manually input table mappings.

    • Click Load Configurations. If you previously saved a data source configuration for the database in a file, import the file to use that configuration for the currently selected user.

  8. Optionally, click Save Configurations to export this configuration file. You can create a mapping for another database user with this configuration file later.

  9. Click Apply to save and apply your configuration settings.

Reports using unmapped schemas

If a report in MC needs to access a locally stored schema or table that is unmapped, MC includes information from the local DC tables for that schema to complete the report.

For remote configurations, if a report depends on an unmapped schema or table, the entire report is run against the local DC tables. If the remote database is down when MC attempts to run a report against it, MC reruns the report against the local database.

When the MC runs a report, it records missing mappings in the MC log under the INFO severity level.