Retrieves information about the brokers in a Kafka cluster.

Retrieves information about the brokers in a Kafka cluster. This function is intended mainly for internal use—it used by the streaming job scheduler to get the list of brokers in the Kafka cluster. You can call the function to determine which brokers Vertica knows about.


KafkaCheckBrokers(USING PARAMETERS brokers='hostname:port[,hostname2:port...]'
                                   [, kafka_conf='kafka_configuration_setting']
                                   [, timeout=timeout_sec])
The host name and port number of a broker in the Kafka cluster used to retrieve the list of brokers. You can supply more than one broker as a comma-separated list. If the list includes brokers from more than one Kafka cluster, the cluster containing the last host in the list is queried.

A JSON string of property/value pairs to pass directly to the rdkafka, the library that Vertica uses to communicate with Kafka. This parameter directly sets global configuration properties that are not available through the Vertica integration with Kafka.

For details, see Directly setting Kafka library options.


Conceals sensitive configuration data that you must pass directly to the rdkafka library, such as passwords. This parameter accepts settings in the same format as kafka_conf.

Values passed to this parameter are not logged or stored in system tables.


Integer number of seconds to wait for a response from the Kafka cluster.


=> SELECT KafkaCheckBrokers(USING PARAMETERS brokers='kafka01.example.com:9092')
          OVER ();
 broker_id |        hostname     | port
         2 | kafka03.example.com | 9092
         1 | kafka02.example.com | 9092
         3 | kafka04.example.com | 9092
         0 | kafka01.example.com | 9092
(4 rows)