Download and install the Vertica server package

To download and install the Vertica server package:.

To download and install the Vertica server package:

  1. Use a Web browser to go to the Vertica website.

  2. Click the Support tab and select Customer Downloads.

  3. Log into the portal to download the install package.
    Be sure the package you download matches the operating system and the machine architecture on which you intend to install it.

  4. Transfer the installation package to the Administration host.

  5. If you installed a previous version of Vertica on any of the hosts in the cluster, use the Administration tools to shut down any running database.

    The database must stop normally; you cannot upgrade a database that requires recovery.

  6. If you are using sudo, skip to the next step. If you are root, log in to the Administration Host as root (or log in as another user and switch to root).

    $ su - root
    password: root-password

    After Vertica is installed, you no longer need root privileges. To verify sudo, see Platform and hardware requirements and recommendations.

  7. Use one of the following commands to run the RPM package installer:

    • If you are root and installing an RPM:

      # rpm -Uvh pathname
    • If you are using sudo and installing an RPM:

      $ sudo rpm -Uvh pathname
    • If you are using Debian:

      $ sudo dpkg -i pathname

    where pathname is the Vertica package file you downloaded.

After you install the Vertica RPM, you can use several Validation scripts to help determine if your hosts and network can properly handle the processing and network traffic required by Vertica.